MIRA was founded by Giuseppe Fontana in 2015.
After careful market analysis, identified target audience, studied a communication strategy, given a strong identity and philosophy to the Brand, MIRA is presented in June 2017 at Paris Fashion Week and later at the Trade Show at Shanghai Fashion Week.
Just 12 months after its market launch, MIRA has customers in France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Kazakhstan and Italy, with Milan, Paris and Russia as its main distribution points.

Giuseppe studied Business Economics at the "Second University of Naples" and continuing his studies in Milan.
Studying economics and working hand in hand in the fashion world as Creative Director has allowed him to establish solid foundations for business management.

During his studies he took part in fairs and events in Milan, Paris and New York, approaching the Fashion System.
Starts collaborations with internationally renowned Creative Designers giving life to "AIM": a Contemporary / Streetwear collection that through inconographic patterns representing elements that allude to the visionary, subjects reaching towards a goal, subjects aiming at a goal and trying to reach it, proposes a message clear and direct.

MIRA is ambition, looking beyond: this is the philosophy behind the "visionary concept" pay-off.
Aspirate, aspire, aim: here are some of the words that describe the message of the brand in the most immediate way.
Visionary is the one who aims a goal and sets himself to achieve it.

The brand was born with the intention of giving voice to one's way of being, of believing and of appearing: in the models signs of anti-conventionality are traced, which do not belong to the "institutional" fashion, creating a new level of trend.

Each Collection represents a passage that goes from ambition to success.

The quality of fabrics, printing and manufactures guarantee an excellent product.
In fact, the collection is thought, designed, produced, printed and packaged entirely in Italy.